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Moment San Diego Bike Rides

Moment Group Bike Rides

Ride with us throughout the week, every week.  We are currently riding from the shop on Tuesday mornings, Thursday mornings, Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings.  We also have annual rides celebrating major holidays and other special events. We're constantly working to expand the Moment group rides, so check back often!

Tuesday & Thursday Morning Rides

What a great way to start your day! The Tuesday & Thursday Morning Ride goes through Point Loma, all the way to Cabrillo. The views are breathtaking... and so is the hill; we do hill repeats on Tide Pools hill. The number of repeats varies from rider to rider, anywhere from one to ten or more! Depending on the number you do, this ride can be as short as 14 miles or as long as 25 miles, it's up to you. All levels are welcome on the ride.

The ride rolls out from Moment Bicycles at 6:30am sharp (or when the first airplane takes off from San Diego Airport). We slow roll through Liberty Station and lower Point Loma. Riders will pick up the effort a little on the Cannon St. climb. Regroup at the top of Cannon and ride Catalina together. Once the group passes the first guard shack, stronger riders will paceline, accelerating to a sprint before the final guardshack. The ride is out and back here, so slower riders can ride their pace and ignore the testosterone fest. At the 2nd shack catch a view of downtown San Diego and the bay. In the winter see the sunrise over the city. Riders will decend the hill to the right with views of the Pacific Ocean. It's about 3/4 of a mile decent with a hairpin turn at the bottom.  Ride all the way to the wastewater treatment plant. Riders are not allowed in the treatment plant, so make a U-turn and ride back up the hill. This hill is called "tide pools" or (or "dolphin tanks" if you're an old school Point Loma person). If you're up for it, do some repeats on the hill. After about 30 or 40 minutes people will regroup at the top and ride back together. Remember you're in a national park so please be respectful. On the way back there is occasionally another sprint beyond McClelland Drive, but you'll have to show up to see what happens... ;-) We hope to see you out there!

Moment Saturday Ride!

NEW FOR 2016! We've added a Saturday ride as a part of our "Take Back our City" initiative! Join us for an 8:30am rollout every Saturday. On this 39-mile ride we will weave our way through Point Loma, Harbor Island, Downtown, Balboa Park, Mission Bay and Cabrillo National Monument! After the ride, we'll enjoy great eats from one of the many Liberty Public Market vendors adjacent to Moment Bicycles.

Enjoy the views of San Diego, the Bay, Navy Air Craft Carriers across the way in Coronado! We encourage you to ride to the ride!

We'll initially have 2 groups, one being a no-drop ride. The faster group will roll out first, so if you get dropped off the back of that, there will be a second group to scoop you up!

Sunday Morning Ride

What a great way to spend your Sunday morning!  Join us for the Moment Bicycles Sunday Morning Ride.  We'll have a different ride for the first, second, third, and fourth Sundays of the month, which will repeat each month.  In those rare months when there's a fifth Sunday, we'll have a ride for that, too.  We serve coffee and munchies before the ride, so no excuses for a bonk!

Everyone (both short and long route riders) rolls out from Moment Bicycles at 8:00 AM.  All levels are welcome and we hope to see you out there!

First Sunday of the Month

Bayshore Bikeway & Coronado -- aka "the Hell of East Bay"

This is THE flat ride of San Diego. The only hill on this ride is an overpass. We ride South on Harbor drive past the convention center, shipyards and Navy Base San Diego. The roads are in a constant state of disrepair, and repair.  We cross several sets of train tracks. This is a good opportunity to practice your bike handling skills on less than perfect pavement (why it's called Hell of East Bay). This section is great practice for those planning on racing Paris Rubaix. When we do hit a bike path, we ride single file to keep it safe. The Bayshore Bikeway is one of San Diego's most important bike routes as it connects Coronado and South Bay neighborhoods to downtown. On the weekends the shipyards and Navy base is quiet so there is minimal (if any) car traffic. We'll pass the San Diego salt mines on our way to Coronado at the south end of the bay.  We ride north on the road to the ferry landing. Once on the road, faster riders will pick up the pace and practice a paceline and/or sprint.  Past the golf course riders regroup for coffee or a snack at the Ferry Landing. The short ride returns on the ferry so be sure to bring money or a CC. The long ride takes the long way back around the bay again. Great views of downtown San Diego, and the Coronado bridge on this ride. Bring your camera! 

Long Route

Short Route

*If you're taking the short route, remember to bring $4.25 for the Ferry.



Second Sunday of the Month

Mission Gorge & El Cap or "the 7-11 ride"

This ride goes due east of the shop. We take the secret OB bike path from PCH to Camino Del Rio North to Mission Gorge. On Sunday morning riding there is minimal if any car traffic. The route eventually merges into Friars Road and climbs over Mission Gorge. This is the biggest climb of the ride and you can do it in both directions if you love to suffer, or avoid it on the return trip and ride back through Mission Trails Regional Park.  The short ride returns to the shop after climbing Mission Gorge Road. The long ride jumps onto Mast Blvd for a jaunt through Santee and Lakeside. The ride picks up the pace on El Monte. This is a long wooded winding road that takes riders to El Capitan resevoir.  This is where a paceline picks up the pace and the hardmen/hardwomen sprint the DAM climb (there's a dam). There is a park restroom at the turn around point.  Riders will regroup here and return when everyone is ready. Returning we stop at the 7-11 on El Monte (for a fuel refill), but the ride is called the 7-11 Ride because we pass 8 other 7-11 stores along the way. Join us for this ride and see the oasis that El Capitan is.

Long Route

Short Route




Third Sunday of the Month

Torrey Pines & Beyond

Long Route

Short Route



Fourth Sunday of the Month

Kearny Villa & Beyond

Long Route

Short Route



Fifth Sunday of the Month
The Square Route

Long Route

Short Route


Annual Holiday Rides & Special Event Rides

New Year's Day Century Ride

Distance: 111 miles
Climbing: 5213 feet of climbing
Route: Map with directions here
Meet-up Details: Meet at the shop at 8:00 AM on New Year's Day morning.

Women's Day Ride with Team Luna Chix

Distance: 25 miles
Climbing: 826 feet of climbing (or more if you do hill repeats!)
Route: Map with directions here
Meet-up Details: Stay tuned to the Moment email list for Women's Day date and information.

Thanksgiving Day Soledad Ride

Route: Ride up to Pannikin in Encinitas, and do the 5 sides of Soledad along the way.
Meet-up Details: Meet at our Point Loma location at 7:00am sharp Thanksgiving Day.


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