Wildcat Canyon road runs through the Barona Indian Reservation and past the Barona Casino. Wildcat Canyon is one of the few roads in east county that goes somewhere and isn't a state highway. Twisty and steep, Wildcat Canyon will challenge your strength and stamina.

The route given below runs clockwise around the head of this lolly-pop shaped route. Either direction works, however most casino traffic comes from the south. The northward direction of Wildcat Canyon road starting from Lakeside features a long climb, narrow shoulder and plentiful busses carrying retired persons - a less than ideal combination. Going southward on Wildcat Cayon allows you to descend this undesirable section as fast as the traffic does!

Difficulty Hard

Duration 4.5-5 hours

Distance 116 km / 72.1 miles

Climbing 1617 meters / 5305 feet

00.0 KM Start at the corner of Regents Rd. and Miramar St. Head north on Regents.

0.15 KM Turn right onto Eastgate Mall. Continue across I-805 and bear right with the curve of the road.

3.54 KM Turn left onto Miramar Road. I have found that the light sensor fails to sense a bicycle, so you may have to press the walk button.

10.63 KM Miramar Rd. turns into Pomerado Road at the crossing of I-15. Before this intersection you will need to merge to the left twice for two forced right-hand turn lanes.

16.83 KM At the top of the climb, turn right at the light. The road remains Pomerado Rd.

19 KM (Alternate route: At the bottom of the fast descent, a right turn onto Scripps Poway will take you directly to Hwy 67. At Hwy 67 turn left. Scripps Poway features wide shoulders, unlike Poway Rd.) Go straight through this intersection to follow the profiled route.

21.37 KM Turn right onto Poway Road.

25.09 KM Stay on Poway Rd. as it veers to the left up the hill.

31.20 KM At the top of the climb, turn left onto Hwy 67. (If you climb up Scripps Poway you are now back on the profiled route.)

36.19 KM After a few additional hills, partway down the descent into Ramona there is a CDF station on the left. They have a hose with fresh water, if you're partched.

41.15 KM Turn right onto Dye Road. A left turn would put you onto Highland Valley Road. Dye road will turn into Ramona St and Warnock drives with forced left (44.08 KM) and right turns (44.80 KM), respectively.

46.00 KM Turn right onto San Vicente Road at the T-intersection.

49.55 KM After a few rolling hills and a descent, turn right onto Wildcat Canyon Road. You will stay on this road for quite some time, nearly 20 KM. There are snacks available at the Barona gas station, near the casino.

69.36 KM At the bottom of the descent, at the stop sign, turn right onto Willow Rd.

70.81 KM At the gas station, turn right onto Hwy 67. After about 5 KM, you will start a nasty climb!

82.3 KM Turn left onto Scripps Poway and retrace your earlier path, or continue straight and...

84.70 KM Turn left onto Poway Rd, and retrace your path from earlier in the ride.