Elfin Forest a.k.a. Swami's Short Loop


Elfin Forest is the ride that the local racers use. Swami's race ride leaves from Nytro bike shop in Encinitas on Saturdays at 8:15 am. The ride goes up the coast to La Costa Ave, then turns inland going through housing subdivisions. Then it's up the hill to San Elijo Hills just before the turn to Elfin Forest Road. If you're still in with the pack you probably will make it the rest of the way.

On Swami's everyone waits up at a church, and then splits up to either return to the coast via Rancho Santa Fe or goes inland to Lake Wohlford (Swami's Long). The route described below starts at UCSD and returns through Rancho Santa Fe.

Difficulty: Hard

Duration 3-4 hours

Distance 89.20 km / 55.42 miles

Climbing 1007 meters / 3303 feet

0.0 KM Start at the UCSD campus.

1.73 KM Head north on North Torrey Pines Road at Genesee. Continue north along the coast.

16.10 KM On the west (left) side of the road is the Nytro bike shop. If you're riding with Swami's wait in the parking lot for the ride to leave.

24.53 KM Turn right onto La Costa Ave. Do *not* turn right onto Vulcan, as you would for La Costa.

28.56 KM Turn right onto El Camino Real.

29.17 KM Turn left onto Levante St., at the light. As you climb the small hill, stay to the left as one of the two lanes turns right.

32.32 KM Turn right onto La Costa Ave. after the fire station. Move immediately into the left turn lane, so you can turn left onto Rancho Santa Fe Road. This hill is called 'Dump Hill,' guess why? June 2004: A newer, wider Rancho Santa Fe road has opened a bit south of the old road. It climbs slighty less compared to the previous road. Gotta give those SUVs the room to drive!

35.3 KM Turn right onto San Elijo Rd (the traffic light) during the fast descent. Be careful on the turn!

37.9 KM Just after 'The Eliminator,' turn right onto Elfin Forest Road. Continue straight on this road through all intersections. The road will change names to Harmony Grove Rd at the sharp forced left turn at the bottom of one of the long descents.

49.10 KM Turn right in order to stay on Harmony Grove Rd at the T-intersection. A left turn would put you on Kuana Loa Dr.

49.72 KM Turn right onto Enterprise St. at the next T-intersection, after the forced left turn.

50.19 KM After the bridge over the small creek, the church is on your right. It doesn't look much like a church, however it does have signs.

50.23 KM Turn right onto S Hale Ave.

50.91 KM Turn right onto Avenida Del Diablo.

51.25 KM Turn left onto W Citracado Pky.

52.04 KM Turn right onto W Valley Pky.

53.10 KM Go straight through the light while descending, the road changes name to Del Dios Hwy.

67.04 KM You'll enter a small, upscale community called Rancho Santa Fe. After you pass the shops, Take a soft right onto Linea Del Cielo, which is also called S6.

71.96 KM Go straight through the stop sign with cross street Highland Dr. The road changes name to Lomas Santa Fe Dr. Continue on this road, under the freeway, and up the gradual hill. On the descent down into Solana beach, you will have to make your way over to the left in order to...

75.38 KM Turn left onto Old Hwy 101. Continue along the coast back to campus using your preferred route.