Fiesta Island via Mt. Soledad

Fiesta Island is an artificial island in Mission Bay that was once an active land fill. Fiesta  Island has the advantage of being almost completely flat, fairly good pavement (all the way around now!) and traffic in only one direction. Fiesta Island is also a popular site for time trials held by local cycling teams and also Tri Club San Diego events.

This route goes to Fiesta Island from the UCSD campus area via the Rose Canyon bike path next to I-5. The return is also via the Rose Canyon bike path to Soledad Mountian Road, over the top past the Easter Cross, down Via Capri and up to UCSD on Torrey Pines Road.

Difficulty: Moderate

Duration: 1.5-2 hrs

Distance: 37.64 km / 23.4 mi via Soledad Mountain
34.66 km / 21.54 mi via bike path both ways.
Fiesta Island Long Laps: 6.88 km / 4.28 mi

Climbing: 355 m / 1164 ft via Soledad Mountain

0.0 KM Start at the UCSD campus and head south on Gilman Drive.

3.26 KM When you get to I-5, go directly underneath. After the off ramp there is a sidewalk on the right and a bike path, the Rose Canyon Bike path. Turn right there and follow the bike path.

5.11 KM The bike path ends and you will start riding on Santa Fe St.

8.25 KM Turn right onto Damon Ave, and go under the freeway.

8.66 KM Turn left onto Mission Bay Drive. Go straight across Balboa Ave/Garnet Ave. Be aware that this is a very busy intersection!

9.38 KM After the hotels and car dealerships, Mission Bay Dr. will merge with Grand Ave. You will need to carefully merge to the right when it is safe.

9.86 KM Turn right onto East Mission Bay Dr, rather than getting on the freeway. Just stay on E. Mission Bay Dr through several stop signs.

13.53 KM Turn right for Fiesta Island.

~15.30 KM Turn right here for a "long" loop, turn left for the "short" loop. The short loop is about 2.7 KM shorter than the long loop.

20.77 KM Exit the island by turning right.

21.05 KM Turn left onto E. Mission Bay Dr.

24.75 KM If you want to return to campus with less climbing, turn right and immediately left at the light for Mission Bay Dr. From there you can just retrace the way you came. Please be careful merging with traffic exiting the freeway! To follow the route here, just go straight.

25.19 KM Pass the entrance for the Golf Course. You can ignore the "No Outlet" signs, they're for silly pollution machines.

25.44 KM The Rose Canyon Bike Path will be on your right. The path isn't visible until you're on top of it, so keep your eyes open. There is also a sign which will help you.

25.88 KM Keep left in order to go under the street (Grand Ave).

26.24 KM Keep left in order to go under the street (Garnet Ave). About 50 meters after the road, make a right-hand U-turn up to the street. At the street turn right, on the sidewalk is good enough, and then turn right again onto the next street, Soledad Mountian Rd.

31.17 KM Turn right onto La Jolla Scenic Dr South at the top of the climb. Climb a little bit more and head down the descent by turning left on Via Capri. Going straight will take you into Mount Soledad Natural Park which offers some excellent views of the area.

33.15 KM Turn left onto Hidden Valley Rd. Do *not* go straight because this will force you onto highway 52. The intersection is a T with Hidden Valley Rd. the tail of the T. Make sure you brake well before the turn because the pavement is somewhat sketchy.

33.96 KM Go straight across La Jolla Parkway and head up Torrey Pines Road.

36.78 KM Go straight across La Jolla Village Dr. and enter campus. From there ride through the Theater District and Revelle to get back to the shop.

Note Instead of going on Mission Bay Dr. you can take the Rose Canyon Bike Path all the way to across the street from Damon Ave (by not making the right U-turn as in the directions). This optional route is in red on the map. In general the part of the bike path in Pacific Beach should be avoided at night.